Weddings & Renewal of Vows Ceremonies FAQ

Milestone anniversary coming up? Eloped the first time round and want to invite your friends and family this time?

Or maybe you've simply fallen in love all over again and you're coming to Sharm El Sheikh on holiday...
If you are thinking about renewing your vows, or having your wedding party here take a look at some of our FAQ's, and if it's not listed here – call our experts, or simply drop us a line on the request form.

Q             Can you legally marry in Egypt?

A             Yes, it is possible to legally marry two British Nationals in Egypt, and it is also possible for an Egyptian National to marry a foreigner, this procedure will involve travelling to Cairo. This is not possible to do in Sharm El Sheikh. You can download a guide to Civil Marriage in Egypt from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office website

Q             Do you do wedding ceremonies in Sharm El Sheikh?

A             Yes, we can arrange and conduct non- religious wedding ceremonies for any couple in Sharm El Sheikh, providing the couple can prove that they are already legally married. Couples can either be married in the UK with a registrar or church prior to coming to Sharm for their actual Wedding Ceremony or Party, or follow the procedures first in Cairo. 

Q             What is a Renewal of Marriage Vows Ceremony?
A             This type of ceremony gives a married couple the opportunity to renew their marriage vows and to celebrate married life together. Each ceremony is unique and may be conducted in private or in front of family and friends.

Q             Who are they for?
A             The ceremony may be designed for couples who have been married for a number of years or may be adapted for newly married couples who may wish to renew their marriage vows in front of family or friends unable to attend the original marriage ceremony.

Q             Do they have any legal status?
A             No, a Renewal of Vows is symbolic in nature, they have no legal status. They provide couples with a non-religious opportunity to renew their marriage vows, or re-affirm the commitment they made to each other when they married. The commemorative certificate provides a record of the event having taken place but may not be used in place of a marriage certificate.

Q             What does the ceremony involve?
A             Each ceremony is designed specifically for the couple and will contain options of their choosing including an introduction and welcome by the Celebrant, readings, renewal of marriage vows, signing of a certificate, re-dedication of rings or giving of new rings plus closing words. A normal ceremony would take between 20 and 40 minutes but may last longer depending on how many options are included.

Q             When and where?
             Is entirely up to you, renewing your vows in Sharm El Sheikh offers a real memorable experience, and we have the most unique beauty spots on our shortlist, from Dolphin Encounters, Luxury Yachts, to Secluded Beaches however in general renewal of vows ceremonies can be held anywhere –  at your local registry office, on a boat or even in your own home!

Q             Is there a Certificate?
A             Yes, a commemorative Certificate will be provided to record the event. The couple will need to provide their original marriage certificate before the ceremony may be arranged.

Q             Who organises the event and how long does it take?
A             Couples wishing to organise a Ceremony in Sharm El Sheikh should contact us directly to arrange an informal appointment for them to discuss the event with a trained Celebrant based in Sharm El Sheikh over the            telephone.  The appointment will last about 30 minutes. Once their options have been discussed the ceremony will then be designed especially for their event. Most ceremonies are organised about six to eight weeks in advance of the date so that invitations may be sent to family and friends but they can be organised at short notice if required. 

Q             What to think about?
A             If you decide to arrange a Renewal of Marriage Vows Ceremony you need to consider:

                • The promises and commitments that you may wish to make to your partner
                • Will you and your partner make these promises in full or would you want the Celebrant to read them out
                • Do you want to exchange rings or present your partner with a gift to remember the event
                • Where would you like the ceremony to take place
                • Would you like the ceremony to be in private or will you invite guests to be present
                • Do you want to include your children


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